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RETURN - Balancé

We couldn’t be more glad for this remarkable moment to announce the very FIRST RELEASE of MOONDANCE music and it sounds gorgeous, literally!

The concept inside this 3  master pieces from BALANCÉ summarizes our thoughs about what is absolutely necessary to build a  balanced global society: EQUALITY, INCLUSION and LOVE. It’s also an invitation to go back to that deep relaxed state of mind where the better version of our self lives.

Prepare yourself to navigate unimaginable realities. We wish you a good flight with one of our favorite pilots!

Balancé, aka Noya Project aka Pedro Monteiro, is a well known Portugal based producer. His music bring us unimaginable soundscapes trought powerful basslines, psychedelic textures and inspiring melodies. Since 2007, he has been traveling around the northern hemisphere performing and promoting the chillout and downtempo scene. Organizer of some good Chillout Stages in Portugal, Pedro is also one of the MOONDANCE’s organizers.



Release Information

Product Type: Digital EP

Style: Chillout Music

Release Date: 25/07/2020

Mastering: Balancé

Artwork: Balancé

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