oco quadro




Born in 2004, these musicians have created experimental, ritualistic and timeless sounds from all over the world. It’s references and sounds mixture are so particular that does not fit in any genre or a geographical area. In the year that celebrated 10 years of existence, they released their 3rd album “Beyond Dust and Bones”, a sound expedition that unites the ancient and the modern, the West and the East.


Alban Hall – voice, overtone singing, didgeridoo, harmonium, harmonica, melodica, flute, ocarina, conch and small percussions.

Pedro Soares – overtone singing, kotamo, didgeridoo, tibetan singing bowls, gong, jews harp, conch and small percussions.

Rui Martins – overtone singing, sitar, portuguese guitar, shruti-box, sansula, jews harp and small percussions.

Jorge Machado – overtone singing, udu drum, water drum, tank drum, darbuka, frame drum, kalimba, electronic percussion and small percussions.

Sérgio Walgood – electronics, electric guitar and small percussions.