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biogenesis - sérgio walgood

Here we go for our second release! On December 17, 2020, we will be pleased to bring Sérgio Walgood’s new EP to the world.

The tracks CARBON, STELLAR RADIATION, THE TALKING STONE and DUST and PLASMA bring us a reflection on how life on Earth emerged and the history of human existence began. Understanding that all life on the planet is interconnected, is easy to question what has been the contribution of humanity to the evolutionary process of the planet.

Prepare yourself to a deep and beautiful sound journey!


The sound designer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Sérgio Walgood, is a well known name in the worldwide chillout music scene Music producer and DJ with 15 self releases and tracks on many compilations around the globe.

Walgood currently develops projects that involve chillout, techno and psytrance music. He is one of the magicians behind the band OCO and also runs the projects Random Mode, Angular Momentum and coordinates the acclaimed Chillout Stage of the ZNA Gathering Festival.


Release Information

Product Type: Digital EP

Style: Downtempo/Chillout Music

Release Date: 17/12/2020

Mastering: Sérgio Walgood

Artwork: Sérgio Walgood using a photo from Vítor Loureiro

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