pedro quadro




Balancé, aka Noya Project aka Pedro Monteiro, is a well known Portugal based producer. His music bring us unimaginable soundscapes trought powerful basslines, psychedelic textures and inspiring melodies.

Since 2007, he has been traveling around the northern hemisphere performing and promoting the chillout scene. Organizer of some good Chillout Stages in Portugal, Pedro is also one of the MOONDANCE’s organizers.

Counting with experiments as Boom Festival (Portugal), Shankra Festival (Switzerland), Hadra Festival (France), Chill Out Planet Festival (Russia), Vibrónica Festival (Ukraine), Zagoa Festival (Marroc), ZNA Gathering (Portugal), Freedom Festival (Portugal), Human Evolution Festival (Italy) and many other events. A pleasant experience that will draw in the most amazing stories.

“Life is balance, you will balance with the rhythm of your feet.”