allix quadro




Allix, aka Lis Rodrigues, is a brazilian producer, event organizer and DJ – with a musical career of more than 15 years writing and singing brazilian music and since 2011 focused on researching and producing electronic music. She is part of the french label Electrik Dream and is in charge of portuguese collective MOONDANCE collab, which includes producers, DJs, VJs, professionals and artists engaged in researching and producing chillout music and electronic/digital art. Allix is also the organizer behind the MOONDANCE party since 2012 in Brazil and Portugal.
Dedicated to the study of sound frequencies, hindu and buddhist mantras, she has over the years shared mixes specially prepared for the yoga practice, meditation, sound journeys and Ecstatic Dance sessions. He recently organized his apprenticeships on sound frequencies and shamanic meditation in a dynamic meditation practice called “Natya Satyam – Meditative Dance”. At the electronic scene, Allix shares his chillout mixes inspired by styles like psybient, psychill, psybass, glitch, global bass, ethnic, midtempo, deep trance and ethno-techno combining technique and sensibility. His sets guide the listener gently by different landscapes that go between ethnic textures and psychedelic sounds.