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We are a collective of artists and professionals dedicated to the production of chillout & midtempo music and digital-electronic art. Passionate about creating musical experiences, visuals and immersive environments.


Since 2012, we have developed and organized parties, artistic events and also workshops and experiences on personal development and technology.


We are also a new born chillout & midtempo music label and bookings agency with 10 internationally renowned artists.


RETURN, the new EP of Balancé released on July, 25!

BIOGENESIS new EP of Sérgio Walgood released on Dec, 17!

OBDUCTU, new EP by Floating Machine is coming out on Jan, 2021!

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Connect to our Artists

Music for your party, festival or event. From ambient to uplifting midtempo music.. Let the MOONDANCE crew on the decks.

Sound Journeys

To enjoy at home or for professional use as: ambient music for business, yoga or meditation classes, music for art gallery events, parties or whatever you wish.

Sound Design & Mastering

Looking for a better mixing, mastering and sound design for your music, documentary or advertising things? We have some creative professionals to introduce to you.

Immersive Enviroments

We are passionate about creating musical experiences, visuals and immersive environments. If you need a magical atmosphere for your event, let us know.

Digital & Electronic Art

Our crew includes visual artists who can design and run amazing installations and video mapping for your event or party.

Collaborative Projects

We are very interested in finding ways where art and technology help to co-create new paths to collaborate and rise up good ideas.

News from the Moon

Would you like to know more about our parties and releases?